Aussie Golf Show debuts on YouTube

It’s Golf TV, it’s Australian and it’s a world first.

The Aussie Golf Show is a mini-show made exclusively for the internet and caters for all aspects of golf in Australia.

Each 15-minute episode is filmed at a different golf clubhouse in front of a live audience.

The hosts of the show include former US PGA Tour pro, Paul Gow. The show features course reviews, playing hints and tips and reviews of the latest golf products and gadgets.

With different golf manufacturers, Pro shop owners and the actual golf club manager having their say each episode, the show is packed with exciting reviews, content and fun banter.

“I wanted to produce something that was both entertaining to watch, as well as a means of marketing my clients,” said Andrew Small, founder of Golf Marketing Australia. “The feedback so far has been excellent.”

The Aussie Golf Show currently has plans to produce five episodes, with a full season planned for 2012.

To read more about the Aussie Golf Show and to view any episode, head over to and help support Aussie golf.