Golf Book: A Course In Life

A few things golf can teach us about life and business. That golf reflects life is not a new thought, but it’s one that resonates.

In the new book, Golf: A Course in Life, Sydney-based author John Hanlon extends the metaphor, applying it to both the mental and physical sides of golf, as well as the business and personal sides of our everyday lives.

John Hanlon Author John Hanlon

The book is uniquely laid out with golf lessons on the left pages and the relevant metaphorical life lesson on the right hand pages.

Metaphors covered include: play with the right spirit, know when to cut your losses, keep your eye on the ball, cheats never prosper for long, be a good loser, play to your strengths, patience is a virtue, learn from your mistakes, and many more.

John himself is not a scratch golfer or a qualified golf teacher, but simply an avid golfer who strives to do his best in all areas of a multi-faceted life.

As well as being creative partner of Sydney communications agency, LOUD, John is an award-winning singer-songwriter and recording artist, and a writer who has a way with metaphor.

Candid, insightful and often humorous, Golf: A Course in Life will resonate not only with golfers but anyone who appreciates common decency and values that we’d all like to pass on to future generations.

Golf: A Course In Life

  • By: John Hanlon
  • Release Date: 27 August 2012
  • RRP: AU$35.00
  • Publisher: Longueville Books
  • ISBN: 9780987066046