St Andrews blanketed by rare snow storm

Snow is something of a rarity at The Old Course at St Andrews.

Even when nearby hamlets at Crail and Cupar are blanketed in snow, amazingly St Andrews seems to miss out. Well, normally.

St Andrews blanketed by snow Bernie McGuire inspects a snowy St Andrews from the famous Swilcan Bridge

Last weekend the first proper snow to fall at St Andrews this year meant golf was put on the back blocks, albeit temporarily.

Clearing roads around the University town suddenly became more important than negotiating the most famous hole in golf, The Road Hole (17th) and crossing The Swilcan Bridge to bomb a drive up to The Valley Of Sin.

Golf Grinder’s European Tour correspondent Bernie McGuire lives at Crail, just a few miles from St Andrews, and he actually swapped his regulation golf cap for a beanie last weekend to go and check out his favourite golf course.

“When snow began to fall this morning I felt the urge to head to St Andrews and inspect the snow covered scenes at the famous Home Of Golf,” Bernie said.

“Never mind that the outside temperature was zero degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.”

“It’s always a pleasure to walk the Old Course, whether it’s on a summer’s day or even today, despite the cold and the fact I was wrapped up in four layers of clothing.”

“Even so, this place is still so special.”