Demo Days: Callaway Golf February 2012

WED 1st9.00am – 1.00pmRoyal Sydney GCMEM ONLY*
WED 1st10:00am to 12:00pmNSWGCMEM ONLY*
WED 1st2:00pm – 4:00pmThe Lakes Golf ClubFIT*
THU 2nd11.00am – 12.00pmWagga Wagga Country ClubDEMO
THU 2nd9:00am – 10:00amLeeton Golf ClubDEMO
THU 2nd4:00pm – 5:00pmMount Broughton Golf & Country ClubDEMO
THU 2nd1:00pm – 2:00pmDrummond Golf GosfordDEMO
THU 2nd5:00pm – 6:00pmDrummond Golf Newcastle (Kotara)DEMO
FRI 3rd3:30pm – 4:30pmGolfmart CharlestownDEMO
MON 6th4:00pm – 5:00pmGeorges River Golf CourseDEMO
TUE 7th9.00am – 1.00pmPennant Hills Golf ClubMEM ONLY*
WED 8th3:00pm – 6:00pmNorthern Beaches Golf CentreFIT*
THU 9th1:30pm – 4:30pmManly Golf ClubFIT*
FRI 10th2:30pm – 6:00pmShelley Beach Golf ClubFIT*
MON 13th4:00pm – 5:00pmCampbelltown Golf ClubDEMO
MON 13th5:00pm – 6:00pmMoore Park Driving RangeDEMO
TUE 14th4:00pm – 5:00pmCanterbury Golf CourseDEMO
TUE 14th3:00pm – 6:00pmNarrabeen Driving RangeDEMO
TUE 14th4:00pm – 7:00pmNarrabeen Driving RangeDEMO
WED 15th8:30 am – 11:00amGosford Golf ClubFIT*
WED 15th3:00pm – 6:00pmEverglades Golf ClubFIT*
WED 15th10.00am – 11.00amMonash Country ClubDEMO
WED 15th7:30pm – 8:30pmTerrey Hills Country ClubDEMO
WED 15th4:00pm – 5:00pmBexley Golf CourseDEMO
WED 15th9:00am – 10:00amThe Links Shell CoveDEMO
WED 15th6:00pm – 7:00pmThe Ridge Golf Driving RangeDEMO
THU 16th3:00pm – 4:00pmNelson Bay Golf ClubFIT*
THU 16th5:30pm – 7:30pmSydney Olympic Park Driving RangeDEMO
THU 16th4:00pm – 7:00pmMoore Park Golf ClubFIT*
THU 16th5:00pm – 6:00pmDrummond Golf Newcastle (Kotara)DEMO
TUE 21st2:30pm – 3:30pmCharlestown Golf ClubDEMO
TUE 21st5:00pm – 6:00pmMerewether Golf ClubDEMO
TUE 21st4:00pm – 5:00pmRoseville Golf CourseDEMO
WED 22nd11.00am – 12.00pmCastle Hill Country ClubDEMO
WED 22nd4:00pm – 5:00pmGordon Golf CourseDEMO
WED 22nd10.00am – 11.00amNewcastle Golf ClubDEMO
WED 22nd11.00am – 12.00pmRoyal Canberra Golf ClubDEMO
THU 23rd4:00pm – 5:00pmMorisset Golf ClubDEMO
THU 23rd6:00pm – 7:00pmCanberra International Golf CentreDEMO
THU 23rd9:00am – 10:00amRiverside Oaks Golf CourseDEMO
THU 23rd5:00pm – 7:00pmDrummond Golf CasulaDEMO
WED 29th5:00pm – 7:00pmThe Ridge Golf Driving RangeDEMO
THU 2nd1:00pm – 2:00pmHouse Of Golf BundallDEMO
THU 2nd6.00pm – 8.00pmGold Coast Country ClubDEMO
THU 2nd5:00pm to 7:00pmGolf Factory OutletDEMO
FRI 3rd3:00pm – 6:00pmPalm Meadows Driving RangeDEMO
SAT 4th11.00am – 2.00pmSouthport Golf ClubDEMO
SAT 4th10:00am to 12:00pmNudgee Golf ClubDEMO
TUE 7th10:00am to 1:00pmTewantin Golf ClubDEMO
WED 15th12:30pm to 3:30pmCaloundra Golf ClubDEMO
WED 15th4:30pm to 7:30pmBig Easy Driving Range CarlesdineDEMO
MON 20th4:00pm – 6:00pmDrummond Golf AshmoreDEMO
TUE 21st6.00pm – 8.00pmVictoria Park Golf ComplexDEMO
WED 22nd5:00pm – 7:00pmMcleod Country ClubDEMO
THU 23rd5:00pm – 7:00pmDrummond Golf UnderwoodDEMO
FRI 24th12:00pm – 2:00pmPalm Meadows Driving RangeDEMO
FRI 24th2:00pm to 5:00pmVirginia Golf ClubDEMO
WED 1st11:00am to 1:00pmTocumwal Golf ClubDEMO
WED 1st10.00am – 2.00pmKingston Heath Golf ClubFIT*
WED 1st4.00pm – 7.00pmMelbourne Golf AcadamyDEMO
THU 2nd11.00am – 1.00pmLong Island Golf ClubDEMO
FRI 3rd4.00pm – 7.00pmMelton Driving RangeDEMO/FIT*
SAT 4th9.00am – 1.00pmRoyal Melbourne Golf ClubDEMO/FIT*
SAT 4th11:00am to 12.30pmGrowling Frog Golf CourseDEMO
SUN 5th1.00pm – 3.00pmAlbert Park Driving RangeDEMO
TUE 7th10.00am – 1.00pmRossdale Golf ClubDEMO/FIT*
WED 15th11.00am – 1.00pmKeysborough Golf ClubDEMO
WED 15th4.30pm – 6.30pmRiverside Golf CourseDEMO
WED 15th5:00pm – 7:00pmSandringham Driving RangeDEMO
THU 16th11:00 am to 12:00pmWerribee Park Golf ClubDEMO
THU 16th4.30pm to 6.30pmYarra Bend Driving RangeDEMO
THU 16th10.00am – 2.00pmThe Peninsula Country ClubFIT*
FRI 17th12.00pm – 2.00pmThe National Golf ClubDEMO
WED 22nd10.00am – 2.00pmHeritage Golf ClubDEMO/FIT*
THU 23rd4.00pm – 6.00pmMorwell Driving RangeDEMO
FRI 24th10.00am – 2.00pmYering Meadows Golf ClubDEMO/FIT*
SAT 25th10.00am – 2.00pmFlinders Golf ClubDEMO/FIT*
WED 29th11.00am – 1.00pmCommonwealth Golf ClubDEMO
WED 1st10:00am to 12:00pmGlenelg Golf ClubDEMO
FRI 3rd4:00pm – 5:00pmAdelaide Shores Golf ClubDEMO
SUN 12th9:00am – 1:00pmMt Gambier Golf ClubDEMO
MON 13th9:00am – 1:00pmThe Grange Golf ClubDEMO
MON 13th3:00pm – 6:00pmAdelaide Shores Golf ClubDEMO
TUE 14th3:00pm – 6:30pmHouse Of Golf AdelaideDEMO
TUE 14th9:00am – 1:00pmSouth Lakes Golf ClubDEMO
WED 15th9:00am – 1:00pmGlenelg Golf ClubDEMO
WED 15th3:00pm – 7:00pmDrummond Golf Driving Range – Mile EndDEMO
THU 16th3:00pm – 7:00pmMt Osmond Golf ClubDEMO
THU 16th9:00am – 1:00pmKooyonga Golf ClubDEMO
MON 20th11:00am – 4:00pmBurswood Golf CourseDEMO
WED 22nd8.00am – 2.00pmMelville Glades Golf CourseDEMO
WED 22nd4.00pm – 8.00pmWhaleback Golf CourseDEMO
THU 23rd8.00am – 2.00pmCottesloe Golf ClubDEMO
THU 23rd4.00pm – 8.00pmWembley Golf Course Driving RangeDEMO
FRI 24th9.00am – 3.00pmCollier Park Golf CourseDEMO
SAT 25th9.00am – 3.00pmRoyal Perth Golf ClubDEMO
MON 27th9.00am – 4.00pmSecret Harbour Golf CourseDEMO
WED 29th8.00am – 1.00pmWanneroo Golf CourseDEMO
WED 29th3.00pm – 7.00pmCarramar Golf CourseDEMO
WED 22nd11:00am to 1:00pmLaunceston Golf ClubDEMO
THU 23rd10.30am to 12.30pmTasmania Golf ClubDEMO
FRI 24th11:00am to 1:00pmRoyal Hobart Golf ClubDEMO
SAT 25th10:00am to 12:00pmSeabrook Golf ClubDEMO

* By appointment only