Demo Days: Callaway Golf March 2011

TUE 1st4.30pm – 7.00pmHudson Park Golf RangeFIT
WED 2nd9.00am – 1.00pmThe Australian Golf ClubFIT
THU 3rd12.30pm – 6.30pmGold Creek Country ClubDEMO
THU 3rd2.00pm – 5.00pmCharlestown Golf ClubDEMO
THU 3rd5.00pm – 7.00pmTerry Hills Driving RangeFIT
FRI 4th1.00pm – 4.00pmElanora Golf ClubFIT
SAT 5th10.00am – 4.00pmDural Driving RangeDEMO
SAT 6th10.00am – 4.00pmDural Driving RangeDEMO
MON 7th1.00pm – 4.30pmCoffs Harbour Golf RangeFIT
THU 10th12.00pm – 4.00pmTaree Golf ClubDEMO
THU 10th4.30pm – 7.00pmNarrabeen Driving RangeFIT
THU 10th2.00pm – 6.00pmHouse of Golf BallinaDEMO
FRI 11th2.00pm – 5.00pmMorisset Golf ClubDEMO
SUN 13th10.00am – 1.00pmCoffs Harbour Golf RangeFIT
MON 14th12.30pm – 6.30pmLiverpool Golf ClubFIT
TUE 15th8.00am – 11.30amAshlar Golf ClubFIT
WED 16th8.00am – 12.00pmDubbo Golf ClubDEMO
WED 16th8.30am – 12.00pmTwin Creeks Country ClubFIT
THU 17th4.30pm – 7.30pmMoore Park Driving RangeFIT
FRI 18th8.00am – 12.00pmCamden Lakeside Country ClubFIT
TUE 22nd9.30am – 12.30pmBlackheath Golf ClubFIT
TUE 22nd2.00pm – 7.00pmBathurst Golf ClubFIT
WED 23rd9.00am – 12.00pmCowra Golf ClubFIT
WED 23rd3.00pm – 6.00pmWentworth Golf Club OrangeFIT
THU 24th9.00am – 1.00pmRoyal Sydney Golf ClubFIT
FRI 25th1.00pm – 5.00pmAsquith Golf ClubFIT
WED 30th8.30am – 12.30pmLong Reef Colf ClubFIT
THU 31st9.00am – 1.00pmPort Kembla Golf ClubFIT
THU 31st10.00am – 2.00pmGriffith Golf ClubFIT
THU 31st2.30pm – 6.00pmWollongong Golf ClubFIT
TUE 1st5.00pm – 7.00pmVictoria Park Golf ComplexDEMO
THU 3rd2.00pm – 6.00pmSurfers Paradise Golf ClubDEMO
FRI 4th2.00pm – 5.00pmPeregian Springs Golf CourseDEMO
SAT 5th9.00am – 4.00pmHouse of Golf – Hervey BayDEMO
SUN 6th9.00am – 12.00pmHouse of Golf – Hervey BayDEMO
WED 9th10.00am – 12.00pmHorton Park Golf ClubDEMO
WED 9th12.00pm – 3.00pmGrafton Golf ClubDEMO
THU 10th5.30pm – 7.30pmDeception Bay Driving RangeDEMO
FRI 11th2.00pm – 5.00pmBargara Golf ClubDEMO
SAT 12th2.00pm – 5.00pmYeppoon Golf ClubDEMO
SUN 13th8.00am – 12.00pmCapricorn Country ClubDEMO
THU 17th4.30pm – 6.30pmGold Coast Country ClubDEMO
SAT 19th10.00am – 1.00pmGold Coast BurleighDEMO
MON 21st8.30am – 1.00pmBrookwater Golf ClubDEMO
THU 24th10.00am – 2.00pmGolf World KawanaDEMO
FRI 25th2.00pm – 5.00pmPalm Meadows Golf CourseDEMO
FRI 25th2.00pm – 5.00pmNambour Golf ClubDEMO
FRI 25th12.00pm – 2.00pmIpswich Golf ClubDEMO
SAT 26th10.00am – 1.00pmGrand Golf ClubDEMO
SAT 12th9.00am – 1.00pmUlverstone Golf ClubFIT
SUN 13th11.00am – 3.00pmLaunceston Golf ClubFIT
TUE 15th4.00pm – 7.00pmNorth West Bay Golf ClubFIT
TUE 15th9.00am – 1.00pmTasmania Golf ClubFIT
TUE 15th3.00pm – 7.00pmHouse of Golf HobartFIT
WED 16th10.00am – 2.00pmLaunceston Golf ClubFIT
WED 9th9.00am – 2.00pmThe Grange Golf ClubFIT
WED 9th3.00pm – 7.00pmDrummond Driving RangeFIT
THU 10th9.00am – 2.00pmAdelaide Shores Golf CourseFIT
THU 10th4.00pm – 7.00pmMount Osmond Golf CourseFIT
FRI 11th9.00am – 2.00pmGlenelg Golf CourseFIT
WED 2nd10.00am – 2.00pmMetropolitan Golf ClubFIT
WED 2nd4.00pm – 7.00pmMelbourne Golf AcademyDEMO
THU 3rd10.00am – 2.00pmFlinders Golf ClubFIT
FRI 4th10.00am – 2.00pmKeysborough Golf ClubFIT
THU 10th2.00pm – 7.00pmAlbert Park Driving RangeDEMO
SAT 12th9.00am – 1.00pmUlverstone Golf ClubFIT
SAT 12th3.00pm – 6.00pmSeabrook Golf ClubFIT
SUN 13th10.00am – 2.00pmLaunceston Golf ClubFIT
TUE 15th9.00am – 1.00pmTasmania Golf ClubFIT
WED 16th10.00am – 2.00pmLaunceston Golf ClubFIT
WED 16th5.00pm – 7.30pmSandringham Driving RangeDEMO
THU 17th4.00pm – 7.00pmMorack Driving RangeFIT
FRI 18th10.00am – 2.00pmKingston Heath Golf ClubFIT
SAT 19th10.00am – 2.00pmRanfurlie Golf CourseFIT
WED 23rd10.00am – 2.00pmBarwon Heads Golf ClubFIT
THU 24th4.00pm – 7.00pmYarra Bend Driving RangeDEMO
THU 24th10.00am – 2.00pmVictoria Golf ClubFIT
FRI 25th10.00am – 2.00pmTorquay golf ClubFIT
SAT 26th10.00am – 2.00pmGrowling Frog Golf CourseDEMO