PGA Series: How to eliminate three putts

How often have we struck that wonderful shot into the heart of the green in regulation then walked off with a soft bogey, double or even triple?

You think to yourself how on earth did that happen? You had the game mastered as you walked onto that green while tucking your glove into your back pocket, you thought to yourself ‘all I need to do now is to tap this in and I can walk off with a birdie then I will be a few of shots under my handicap’.

Not to be denied and full of adrenaline you blast your first attempt so far past the hole that the next putt is almost the same length coming back.

With the pressure on and your playing partners overseeing your pain, you then miss the next putt coming back to the hole. You walk up disgruntled and tap the ball with the back of the putter in the cup for a disappointing one-pointer.

If this sounds like you then this drill will certainly help. Pace control with your putting leads to fewer putts and better scoring. All you will need is your putter, three balls and five tees.

The Drill

  • Position yourself on a flat surface on the putting green and place a tee where you will address the ball.
  • Take three paces forward and place another tee continuing to place the remaining tees at putter length intervals so they are in a straight line (you should have four tees set-up in a straight line).
  • Your goal is to putt three balls to each space made by the tees and see how many finish in each section. Test yourself further by putting one ball into each section in a row.

By following this drill it is a good way to develop feel and rhythm with your stroke so the next time you are faced with that important putt you will know exactly how hard to hit it.

Points To Remember

  • As you make your practice strokes, make them match the speed for the length of the putt
  • Always align the clubface first then the body second
  • Keep your head steady throughout impact and watch the ball with your eyes as you make the stroke to avoid peaking to early

Best of luck next time you play.

Daniel Blackwell is a AAA PGA Assistant Head Professional at Royal Hobart Golf Club in Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania. For lesson bookings phone (03) 6248 6108 or