Callaway brings colour back to golf

Callaway Golf will splash the golfing world in colour from head to toe, with the anticipated release of the innovative Colour Your Game collection.

Colour Your Game will inject vibrancy into the golf industry, doing away with the current black and white pallets and challenging golfers to identify themselves through colour and to stand out from the crowd.

Launching in May, the unique concept will be available across a range of product categories, infusing Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow colour into a premium range of equipment and apparel.

The award winning RAZR Fit driver along with golf bags, towels, caps, apparel and HEX Chrome golf ball packaging, will all be available in the bold colours, allowing golfers to collect an entire matching set or mix and match.

The unique collection sees Callaway once again leading the pack in golfing trends.

South East Asia Pacific & India MD Leighton Richards, comments “Colour Your Game is about challenging people’s perception of golf, on and off the course. Callaway wants our players to dare to be different and stand out from the pack; this new collection will inspire you to do this”.

Callaway Colour Your Game Callaway Colour Your Game

HEX Chrome Balls

For a limited time, the award winning HEX Chrome balls will also be available in corresponding packaging with redesigned boxes featuring each of the four colours for AUD$39.00.


The innovative new coloured RAZR Fit marks a new standard in performance customisation. RAZR Fit’s straightforward adjustability allows golfers to adjust their club to suit their game and delivers optimum performance and real results for every golf swing.

The Best Driver in Golf Digest’s Hot List for 2012 will feature coloured head plates, shafts and grips, and is available for AUD$469.00.  According to Jamie Glazier, Team Callaway member, founder of Dare2Dream and mental game coach to players like Bryden Macpherson and Stacey Keating, colour is a very powerful tool when it comes to mental preparation.

“As a mental game coach to some of Australia’s most talented up-and-coming players, I have used colour in my work for years,” Jamie explains.

“Colour is such a practical way to help anchor a player’s peak performance state. Using colour also helps players to visualise ball flights and attach to the shot shape they want, helping block out negative thoughts. Much like the PGA Tour’s Shot Tracker.”


Solidifying Callaway’s position as the only authentic head to toe golf brand in the world, the Colour Your Game collection includes a set of limited edition caps and apparel for all players. Priced from AUD$24.95 for caps and AUD$69.95 for polo shirts.

Stand Bags

Colour your own game with the exclusive new coloured stand bags available with matching towels for AUD$209.00 and AUD$29.99 respectively.