Callaway Golf debuts improved Supersoft ball

Callaway Golf’s softest feeling golf ball, Supersoft, is a leader in the soft-and-long category because it combines phenomenally soft feel with long distance, accurate flight and excellent greenside control.

And now Callaway has introduced a new and improved Supersoft that does each of those things better.

The new Supersoft’s added distance comes from a new, soft core composition that spins less off the long clubs to promote more distance.

Less spin also means less sidespin, which promotes straighter, more accurate flight. Softer feel and increased greenside spin and control come from a new, softer Trionomer cover formulation.

“Supersoft’s long-soft performance has made it one of the most popular products in our golf ball lineup,” said Dave Bartels, Callaway senior director of golf ball R&D.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball 2017 Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

“The improvements we’ve made should continue to grow the popularity of what we believe is one of the best engineered two-piece balls on the market.”

The new and improved Supersoft is available at retail from today ( January 18, 2017) in white, yellow and pink, and in a multi-colour pack including white, yellow, orange and blue.

The new product introduction retail price is A$34.99 (NZ$39.99) per dozen.