Club Car Visage GPS

A golf car’s primary function is transportation, but equipped with the right technology its potential goes far beyond moving golfers and their equipment, according to Club Car.

The golf car giants have just introduced golf’s first mobile information system. Known as Visage, the system represents the golf car industry’s most extensive marriage of vehicle and technology to help course managers address critical revenue and expense needs while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Club Car Visage GPS Club Car Visage GPS

Visage utilises a combination of cellular, wireless and Global Positioning System technologies to create what Club Car calls the ‘new face of customer experience’.

Visage helps course managers increase revenues, lower operating expenses, manage their assets and improve customer satisfaction with tools that include an improved two-way cellular communications enable a course and golfer to be in contact at any point during a round of golf.

Golfers can contact the grill or mobile beverage vehicles at any time, increasing the potential for additional snack and beverage orders and giving the course the opportunity to make available higher margin menu items.

Golfers can also book tee times before leaving the course. Courses can use the same functionality to send weather alerts and promote sales, special offers and lessons.

Real-time positioning keeps the golf shop aware of each group’s exact location, making marshals more effective and improving pace of play.

Visage’s ability to limit golf car access to sensitive areas also reduces labor time and costs for mowing and staking.

What You Get

Visage, a joint development of Club Car and GPS Industries LLC, puts a robust set of features and benefits at the fingertips of golfers that include high res graphics, touch screen display, electronic score card for up to four players, tee shot distance, real time vehicle tracking, two-way standard messaging, pace of play and more.

The Visage comes packed with touch-screen technology, a 10.2-inch screen with 1000 nit brightness that automatically adjusts for changes in natural light and enhanced graphics of each hole.

What We Say

With course managers remaining under pressure to operate more efficiently and grow revenues, Visage could be their savior – a cost-effective way to lower operating costs and attract more play by improving the golfer experience.

We simply love the new array of options available with Visage, particularly its snack and beverage ordering capabilities – how easy is that? No more waiting around for the drinks cart on those hot days.

Courses installing Visage are not required to purchase hardware or license software. Instead, they rent the equipment required and receive service and support as part of an annual commitment.

This little beauty is going to take some beating.