Cobra Golf launches Fit N Fly app

Getting fit for clubs is an important part of making sure golfers are playing the best equipment for their game.

Now, with COBRA’s Fit N Fly app for iPhone and iPad (Android coming soon), golfers can input different attributes of their game such as tempo, ball flight, distance and set configuration to help determine the best COBRA clubs that suit their game.

Cobra Golf Fit N Fly Cobra Golf Fit N Fly

“With our Fit N Fly App we can help a golfer perfectly gap their long game using AMP CELL metal woods that are equipped with MyFly technology,” commented Jose Miraflor, Director of Product Marketing.

“MyFly settings enable the golfer to dial in specific distances between their driver and longest iron, which is so important and rarely focused on by amateurs.”

When a user selects ‘Fit Me’ for fairways or hybrids, a slider appears that allows the golfer to detail their longest iron distance, their driver distance, and the number of wedges in the bag.

The App then calculates which fairways and hybrids in specific models and settings the golfer should start with to determine their best fit. This allows the golfer to optimise their long game through effective distance gapping.

In addition to gapping the long game, Fit N Fly has a calculator that will determine the best driver for an individual based on their objective (forgiveness, more distance, anti-slice, etc.), handicap, swing tempo, the preferred trajectory and the golfer’s current driver distance.

With that data entered, Fit N Fly will recommend specific COBRA Drivers and flexes.

The iron calculator uses the golfer’s preferred playability (standard, forgiving, workability), handicap, desired trajectory and how the golfer would like their iron distance to change compared to their current set (same, long, longer) in order to recommend the best COBRA iron (AMP CELL, AMP CELL Pro, AMP Forged and Baffler Hybrid Irons) for each individual.

The Fit N Fly app is available in the Apple App Store and will soon be available in the Google Play Store.