Kesby trusts PING nFlight System for fitting

If someone offered you a path to seriously knock anything from three to six shots off your golf game then you immediately have my attention – and probably yours as well.

And Windsor [Sydney] professional Wayne Kesby is pretty confident of success in that area.

You see Kesby is an unabashed fan of having your clubs fitted to your specifications and maintains that if it doesn’t lower your handicap then you’ll be needing a lot more than just one of his lessons.

And while Kesby deals with most of the leading clubs and manufacturers on today’s market, he certainly has a soft spot for one that has led the way in clubfitting and, of course putters, for more years than he cares to remember . . . PING.

All this from a man who has always been particularly interested in the aerodynamics of the golf swing and how it works and who freely admits he might have been an engineer had he not been good enough at golf to make a living out of it.

Wayne Kesby Wayne Kesby

“I did have enough sense to see that my future lay in teaching other people how to play the game and improving their handicaps,” Kesby told Golf Grinder.

“And I have to say I have found it a rewarding and extremely satisfying career.”

“And I really believe proper clubfitting is at the head of that.”

While he began his golf at Rumcorps Barracks and was “allowed” to join Windsor Golf Club before his 12th birthday, Kesby headed for the Capital Golf Club in Canberra as soon as he had finished his HSC, where he started his traineeship.

He later came “home” to north-western Sydney and worked at Riverside Oaks as head professional before applying for the job at his beloved Windsor, where his golf membership had all started.

The retirement of Michael Moulds in 2003 opened the door for him to find a happy home there as head pro and he now employs a first-class team that includes teaching professionals Julian Reynolds and Luke Stuart and Windsor’s 848 members have access to an indoor fitting centre that is second to none.

And like many of the world’s leading professionals, Kesby maintains a loyalty to PING and their impressive nFlight fitting software, which combines years of product knowledge, scientific data and fitting research into a tool that ensures fitting results never previously available – indoors or outdoors.

According to Kesby the software is capable of recommending thousands of different club combinations.

“It even factors in the type of ball you should be playing to ensure accurate results,” he says.

PING’s familiar concepts such as interviewing the player, taking static measurements and their famous colour coding system remain part of the process.

By analysing data from three clubs hit during a typical fitting session – usually a hybrid, an iron and a wedge – the software configures a set to produce proper distance gaps between every club.

The result? You walk away with complete confidence in the PING Custom Fitting process knowing you’ve been properly fitted for the latest advancements in equipment technology.

All I can say is – where do I sign?

For more information visit Wayne at Windsor Golf Club