Nike Golf debuts SQ MachSpeed Black

Capitalising on the power of aerodynamics found in the Nike SQ MACHSPEED Driver that was released last spring, Nike Golf is taking the notion of aerodynamics efficiency to the next level with its new SQ MACHSPEED Black Driver.

Available at US retail November 26, 2010, the Nike SQ MACHSPEED Black Driver has two 460cc round and square heads and features a sleek black profile to ensure that the air moves quickly and cleanly over the club head with each swing.

Nike SQ MachSpeed Black with square or round head Nike Golf debuts SQ MachSpeed Black

Through optimal aerodynamics (360° air flow across the drivers), the Nike SQ MACHSPEED Black generates faster club head speed by reducing drag.

A deeper face allows for the delivery of greater ball speed across the face resulting in greater distance on off center hits. The face of the club head is tall and tapers quickly, enabling more forgiveness. Also differentiating from its predecessor, the SQ MACHSPEED, is in the performance of ball flight.

The SQ MACHSPEED Black produces a lower ball flight and lower spin rates than the original SQ MACHSPEED, thus helping to create longer drives.

Available in round and square-shape, the SQ MACHSPEED Black Drivers offer Nike’s STR8-FIT technology, which delivers eight face angle options – two degrees open and two degrees closed. The square version promotes forgiveness and stability.

The round version is for golfers who desire more workability and shot shaping. Both drivers come with Mitsubishi Rayon lightweight Fubuki shafts which allow for maximum speed.

The Nike SQ MACHSPEED Black driver is loaded with a combination of ground-breaking technology that was born from the minds of Nike Golf’s team of engineers.

SQ Machspeed Black

Men’s Loft Options: 8.5 (RH); 9.5 (RH/LH); 10.5 (RH/LH); 11.5 (RH); HL (RH)
All available in: A,R,S,X
MSRP: US$359.99
Availability: November 26, 2010

Women’s Loft Options: 11.5 (RH); HL (RH)
All available in: W (women’s) shaft
MSRP: US$359.99
Availability: November 26, 2010