Nike Golf debuts VR Pro Fairway Woods

Nike Golf is adding more distance to its VR Pro line with the addition of the new VR Pro Fairway woods.

The VR Pro fairway woods are loaded with ground-breaking technology, specifically the combination of the Variable Compression Channel and the STR8-FIT face angle technology. The new Variable Full Compression Channel on the VR Pro fairway woods increases speed at impact in more spots on the club face, delivering greater distance on draws, stingers, high cuts, fades or straight shots.

Nike Golf debuts VR Pro Fairway Woods Nike Golf debuts VR Pro Fairway Woods

As with the Nike VR Pro driver, the VR Pro fairway woods feature a Tour-inspired design with a traditional pear-shaped club head. Working directly with Nike Golf Tour athletes, the VR Tour Pro has a flatter sole and lower profile, which promotes confidence and greater control. The flatter and lower profile makes it easier to get the ball up in the air.

“The work with our tour staff lead us to a fairway wood which is hotter over a larger area of the face and has a flatter sole for ease off of tight lies,” according to Nike Golf’s Director of Production Creation Tom Stites. “The STR8-FIT Tour adapter allows us to position the head precisely where the player wants it which maximizes visual confidence and performance.”

The workability of the VR Pro fairway wood is perfected with the STR8-FIT Tour technology providing 32 options to customize the club face angle. The power to adjust the club to the perfect position makes for more shots in your golf bag.

Availability: February 3, 2011
Men’s: Loft Options: 3/13 degree (RH); 3/15 degree (RH/LH); 4 (RH); 5 (RH/LH); 7 (RH); All available in: A,R,S,X
MSRP: US$275.99