Odyssey introduces new Toe Up Putter

Odyssey is the leader in putter innovation and they’ve reached that tremendously high standard once again with the new Odyssey Toe Up Putters.

Odyssey used Stroke Balanced technology to reduce torque during the stroke for minimal twisting, so when you roll it, it’s going to be much easier to get the face back to square.

Odyssey Toe Up Putter Odyssey Toe Up Putter

This is achieved by strategically placing more weight towards the face to balance the putter, and the CG is aligned with the centre of the face. All this is designed to promote a more consistent stroke, and when you put your finger up to the face, you’ll see that it balances toe up like no other putter in the market.

The Metal-X face is fly cut face so that it’s perfectly flat and it’s chemically etched, which leads to a pure roll.

The 3 white lines that worked so well with our Marxman family are now in the Odyssey Toe Up, and the lines absolutely pop off the Charcoal PVD finish. This hi-def system lets you setup perfectly to the ball.

The Toe Up comes standard with the Superstroke Flatso 1.0 grip design that allows for even pressure in both hands to eliminate tension in the wrists and forearms. The grip includes Superstroke’s new counter core technology. Weights can be purchased at your local retailer.

Product at Retail: Available now
Head Shapes: #1, #9
Recommended Retail Price: AUD$329.99