Odyssey unveils limited EXO 2-Ball Milled Putter

To celebrate one of its most iconic designs, Odyssey, has taken engineering and technological capability to a new level by unveiling a limited edition EXO 2-Ball Milled Putter.

Combining precision engineering inspired by Swiss watchmakers with elegant styling and boundary-pushing performance, the collector’s item is Odyssey’s most advanced putter ever.

Odyssey EXO 2-Ball Milled Putter Odyssey EXO 2-Ball Milled Putter

A limited offering (production is restricted to only a few hundred outside of America), the technologically-advanced putter features only the most luxurious of materials and construction techniques.

The multi-piece construction of each head takes more than 12 hours to precision machine and includes a stainless-steel sole, an aluminium top and a 50g tungsten weight beneath two discs with a bezel design inspired by Swiss watchmakers.

The precision weight is adjustable and enables the ability to perfectly match the putter to personal preference or on-course conditions.

Odyssey EXO 2-Ball Milled Putter Base Odyssey EXO 2-Ball Milled Putter Base

In addition, the special edition putter features Odyssey’s proven aluminium-machined exo-skeleton design to help deliver the best MOI, as well as its tour-developed Microhinge Technology that helps increase top-spin on putts and promote forward roll, even with a less-than-perfect putting stroke.

Sean Toulon, General Manager of Odyssey Golf, said: “This special edition 2-Ball is the zenith of performance and technological capability and a demonstration of what is achievable.”

“This really is the perfect tribute to one of golf’s most iconic putter designs and for the golf connoisseur, this rare item is definitely for them.”

The limited production EXO 2-Ball Milled Putter will feature a luxurious burnished copper and black finish and a 35″ shaft length.

The EXO 2-Ball Milled Putter is available now in Australasian stores and is priced at A$689.99 and NZ$809.99

For further information about the complete Odyssey product range visit www.odysseygolf.com.au