Titleist debut new 913 Fairway and Hybrids

Delivering more performance from both turf and tee, the new Titleist 913 fairway metals and hybrids are built for more distance and control with the most precise fit available to all serious golfers.

Developed from extensive player testing and advanced engineering, the 913F and 913F.d Low Spin fairway metals and 913H and 913H.d hybrids are Titleist’s highest performing, most comprehensive designs, featuring optimised launch with reduced spin for longer distance and precision fitting provided by Titleist’s patented SureFit Tour adjustable hosel technology.

Titleist F.d Low Spin Titleist F.d Low Spin Fairway Wood

The 913 fairways and hybrids utilise a new SureFit Tour weight location on the sole of each club to help create distinct performance targets, all-around performance or lower spin with a penetrating flight.

Golfers can select their models – 913F or 913F.d Low Spin, 913H or 913H.d – based on forgiveness or ball flight.

More Distance Through Improved Launch Conditions

The 913 fairway metals and hybrids feature center of gravity (CG) positions lower than the prior generation 910 models to further maximise distance potential through reduced spin while providing stability and forgiveness.

To accomplish this more optimal CG, the Titleist Golf Club R&D team made improvements to the head designs and SureFit Tour hosel structure, allowing for more discretionary mass to be redistributed low and deep in each head.

With the 913 fairways, engineers utilised a new casting and polishing process to produce an ultra-thin crown, with a lower, flatter sole profile similar to the new 913 drivers.

The 913 hybrids were refined with a sleeker, tour-inspired design.

For both the 913 fairways and hybrids, Titleist R&D created a leaner SureFit Tour hosel with a lower hosel height and tapered sleeve, which benefits CG position as well as the appearance at address.

The new SureFit Tour weight on the sole further optimises the CG for speed and forgiveness. The weight has a new, flat geometry with a screw that holds the weight in place but does not extend up into the driver head, contributing to a lower overall CG.

913F vs. 913F.d Low Spin Fairway Metals

More optimal centre of gravity (CG) locations further maximise the distance potential of 913D2 and 913D3 drivers while providing stability and forgiveness.

The 913F is a high performance, classic pear shaped fairway that delivers distance with stability through low and deep weighting for all-around performance from the turf and tee.

913H vs. 913H.d Hybrids

Like their fairway metal counterparts, the 913H and 913H.d models deliver more distance through optimised CG locations while offering two performance options to satisfy players’ needs.

The 913H is a high performance hybrid that delivers distance and stability through low and deep weighting for all-around performance.

The club has a new tour-inspired shape with a softer toe and a sleeker heel that promotes proper ground contact, with increased offset in the high-lofted models to improve appearance, playability and forgiveness.

The 913H, with the SureFit Tour weight located deep on the sole, has also been designed with progressive CG locations through the range of lofts for optimised launch and spin control to deliver proper distance and ball flight.

The 913H.d is a high performance hybrid that delivers distance with lower spin from low and forward weighting for a more penetrating flight.

The 913H.d has a more compact head than 913H with slightly more offset.

The forward-positioned SureFit Tour weight and compact head combine to produce a forward-positioned CG location that provides spin and trajectory control for higher speed players or players that want or need to control spin based on how they deliver the head at impact.

Impressive Stock Shaft Matrix

The 913’s high performance stock shaft matrix features four tour-proven options, including three high performance aftermarket shafts (one from Aldila and two from Mitsubishi) to fit a wide range of players and swing speeds.

The stock fairway lineup includes the Aldila RIP Phenom 80 shaft, the Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 82 and Mitsubishi S+ Blue 72, along with the Titleist Bassara W 55 (S,R,A) and 45 (L) by Mitsubishi.

The stock hybrid lineup includes the Aldila RIP Phenom 80 HYB, the Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 92 HY, the Diamana S+ Blue 82 HY (S) and 72 HY (R), as well as the Titleist Bassara W 60 HYB (S,R,A) and 50 HYB (L) by Mitsubishi.

In addition, Titleist offers an industry-leading number of custom shaft choices.

Price And Availability

The new 913F, 913F.d Low Spin, and 913H begin shipping to golf shops in early February, 2013. The new 913H.d is available by custom order starting March, 2013.

913F and 913F.d Low Spin have a suggested retail price (SRP) of AUD$349 and NZD$429. 913H and 913H.d have a suggested retail price (SRP) of AUD$319 and NZD$399.