Titleist delivers new golf ball quartet

Titleist, the undisputed golf ball technology leader, introduces four new golf balls to its line – NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo.

Each has been designed to deliver best in category quality and consistency, while providing a range of performance and preference options for golfers across every skill level of the game.

NXT Tour

First introduced in 2001, the Titleist NXT Tour begins its second decade as the established best-performing, non-urethane covered golf ball in the game.

NXT Tour NXT Tour

New NXT Tour has a large dual core, three-piece construction that features a slightly smaller, soft center and higher volume outer core layer, that is engineered for increased power and longer distance than the prior model.

The soft, thin Fusablend cover features a new spherically tiled octahedral design with four axis of symmetry, and 302 dimples in five different sizes. The result is a combination of long, consistent distance, commanding short game spin and control, soft feel on all shots with excellent durability.

SRP: AUD $44.95/dozen; NZD $59.95/dozen
Available: Late February 2012

NXT Tour S

New NXT Tour S is introduced as a preference option for golfers seeking NXT Tour-like performance with a softer compression feel. NXT Tour S features a new, proprietary low compression, highly resilient core, in combination with the same soft, thin Fusablend cover formulation and aerodynamics as the New NXT Tour.

NXT Tour S NXT Tour S

NXT Tour S offers a softer compression feel than its counterpart and, like NXT Tour, offers low driver and long iron spin for outstanding distance, a piercing trajectory and consistent ball flight, and commanding short game spin and control.

As another preference option for golfers, the New NXT Tour S is offered in white and high optic yellow.

SRP: AUD $44.95/dozen; NZD $59.95/dozen
Available: Late February 2012


The all-new Titleist Velocity golf ball is powered for distance and the result of leading-edge design, proprietary technology, and the unparalleled precision of Titleist’s world-class manufacturing process.

New Velocity features Titleist’s exclusive high-speed LSX core technology and is encased in a NAZ2 cover formulation that delivers high initial ball speed on all full swing shots and playable feel in the short game.

Velocity Velocity

The combination of the fastest solid core of any Titleist golf ball, cover formulation, and 332 icosahedral dimple design aerodynamics, delivers a soaring, tight, consistent ball flight and deep downrange peak trajectory.

Velocity is available in single or double digit orange play numbers.

SRP: AUD $39.95/dozen; NZD $49.95/dozen
Available: Late February 2012

DT Solo

The “Red Box” Titleist has enjoyed a loyal following for decades and the newest generation was developed with one objective in mind: design the softest compression feel possible, while continuing to deliver the long distance and control that are the DT standard. The result is the softest DT yet.

The new DT SoLo is comprised of an extremely soft and fast core formulation that provides a distinctly soft compression feel. The cover blend of two soft Surlyn ionomers, in combination with the soft, fast core and 392 icosahedral dimple design aerodynamic package, provides a penetrating ball flight with long roll out for excellent total distance.

DT Solo DT Solo

The New DT SoLo is available in white or optic yellow.

SRP: AUD $29.95/dozen; NZD $39.95/dozen
Available: Late February 2012