Titleist introduces next generation Tour Soft ball

The largest core ever produced by Titleist golf ball engineers drives longer distance and better short game performance in the new Titleist Tour Soft.

Titlest Tour Soft was first introduced two years ago and offering a superior combination of soft compression feel, very fast speed for commanding distance and excellent short game spin and control.

For golfers who prefer a softer-feeling golf ball, the new 2020 Tour Soft in both white and high-optic yellow improves upon its prior generation with real performance advancements to help them play better.

“Golfers wanting to play a softer-feeling ball shouldn’t have to sacrifice yards off the tee or control into the green. We know they have real golf to play and their ball has to be much more than just soft,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing.

Titleist 2020 Tour Soft Golf Ball Titleist 2020 Tour Soft Golf Ball

“The new generation of Tour Soft continues to show what’s possible in a lower compression design. Our engineers have developed a longer, all-around better performing golf ball that maintains the soft and responsive feel that golfers love about this product.”

Tour Soft’s sidestamp has been redesigned and integrated into a new alignment aid feature for 2020. The alignment stamp – resembling a “T” shape – makes it easier for golfers to line up their Tour Soft on the green or tee, without having to mark lines on the ball.

Titleist's all-new 2020 Tour Soft Ball Titleist’s all-new 2020 Tour Soft Ball

“When we began offering alignment aid stamps through our My Titleist customiser, they instantly became the most popular options among golfers choosing to add custom logos to their golf ball,” said Michael Fish, Titleist Golf Ball Product Manager.

“Our research and testing with Tour Soft golfers showed an overwhelming preference for using an enhanced alignment stamp and they put this ‘T’ mark at the top of their list.”


The new Titleist Tour Soft in both white and high-optic yellow is available in Australian and New Zealand golf shops beginning February 22 with a suggested retail price of AUD$49.95 and NZ$69.95.