Titleist refreshes popular T-Series Irons range

Titleist has been the most played iron on the PGA Tour for 16 of the last 17 years, including each of the last seven seasons. Not only is Titleist on pace to extend its favoured status on the PGA Tour, the T100 continues to be most played iron model by the world’s best since its tour introduction at the 2019 U.S. Open.

The new T-Series iron family features new materials, processes and refinements that power exacting precision, performance and unmatched feel. The new T-Series irons includes four models – T100, T100•S, T200 and T300 – which will be available for fitting and custom order in Australian and New Zealand golf shops from August 26.

T100: The Modern Tour Iron

A ‘player’s iron’, the new T100 offers more precise flighting and control, fully forged feel, a more versatile sole design, and plays like the commanding and consistent field favourite it is on tour. The T100 irons are designed with a new Tour-preferred brushed chrome finish and are aimed at the better player who is looking for precision control and unrivalled feel.

“The sole just glides through the ground so nicely. With the added bounce off the toe and the reduced bounce in the heel similar to the wedges that we have on those grinds, it just allows for some consistency when you get a little bit off,” said Jordan Spieth ahead of the Open Championship where the 2017 champion put the new irons into tournament play for the first time.

“The idea that you can be on uneven lies and have it kind of make up for that, and then if you get in the rough and have it not drag as much, but instead slide through just as easily, that’s where we see the improvement in these irons.”

“What sets these irons apart from the competition is the precision and feel they provide the golfer. Irons are scoring clubs and it is important to the T100 player to hit their number and hit it more consistently. With that as a priority, we took the best performing iron in the game and made it better by adding high density tungsten, which is the engine of our iron designs. It allows us to put the CG where it needs to be, provides stability and builds up MOI,” said Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D.

The new T100 irons are priced at A$275/NZ$309 per club (Steel) and A$300/NZ$339 per club (Graphite).

Titleist refreshes popular T-Series Irons range Titleist refreshes popular T-Series Irons range (Credit: Titleist)

T100•S: The Faster Tour Iron

The T100•S now boasts an even closer connection to everything the world’s best players prefer in the T100 – only more.

Featuring a fully forged feel, Tour-shaping, a more versatile sole design, and precise flighting – the new T100s is engineered with 2º stronger lofts and a new Muscle Channel that produces enhanced ball speed and launch while preserving precise touch, control and stopping power.

It’s the Faster Tour iron and ideal for the player who wants the exact look and feel of a Tour iron, but wants to hit it farther.

“The uniqueness of the T100•S comes from the fact that we engineered the 2º stronger loft into the iron rather than just bend them. In addition, the ‘S’ represents ‘speed’ and the new Muscle Channel delivers it through the long and mid irons by providing longer distance, tighter dispersion and higher angle of descent for greater consistency and scoring opportunities. It has the same look and feel of the T100 but longer flight for those who want it,” said Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D.

The new T100•S irons are priced at A$275/NZ$309 per club (Steel) and A$300/NZ$339 per club (Graphite).

T200: The Tour’s Distance Iron

For the player who wants distance help, without sacrificing looks, forged feel, trajectory or stopping power, the T200 iron evolution represents the biggest shift within the T-Series family.

With 10 different patents utilised in the new T200, it is Titleist’s most advanced iron ever. Titleist Golf Club Research and Development took all the best of the previous generation T200, then streamlined the Max Impact technology, utilised denser tungsten weighting, and updated the shape with reduced offset, a thinner topline and shorter blade profile.

The result is a sleek look with stunning distance. Every element of the multi-material construction is engineered to create maximum speed with Tour-validated feel and distance control.

The new T200 irons are priced at A$275/NZ$309 per club (Steel) and A$300/NZ$339 per club (Graphite).

T300: The Game Improvement Iron

The player’s game improvement iron, the new T300 continues to be powered by updated Max Impact technology that maximises speed across a new variable face thickness (VFT) design.

The extremely forgiving mid-sized, fast, cavity-back design includes a 40 percent increase in tungsten that improves CG placement for optimal launch, spin and high MOI.

The size and shape of the T300 is designed to provide confidence, while a new chrome plated finish provides a premium look.

“The T300 is the ultimate Titleist game improvement iron. It is for the golfer who wants high launch, long distance and forgiveness, and wants to see the technology they are using,” said Josh Talge, Vice President of Marketing – Titleist Golf Clubs.

The new T300 irons are priced at A$205/NZ$229 per club (Steel) and A$230/NZ$259 per club (Graphite).

Local Titleist fitting locations can be found at www.titleist.com.au