Titleist’s Dimpleless Golf Ball Experiment

What happens when you remove all the dimples are removed from a golf ball but everything else remains the same?

Well, you’d be excused for thinking that perhaps the ball might go even further with the smooth surface creating less friction in the air.

However, the reality is quite different.

While the core of the ball is what gives the ball its power, the dimples actually give the golf ball its lift and flight.

To see the theory in action, Titleist took a group of its tour professionals including Matt Fitzgerald, Bernd Wiesberger and Joost Luiten out on course to test out a specially-made dimpleless golf ball…and the results were not pretty.

Fitzgerald is the first to tee it up with his well-struck attempt quickly nose-diving after just 100 metres. Joost Luiten was next off the tee and fared just a little better at 114 metres.

Check out the video above to see the full results of the Dimpleless Golf Ball Experiment.