Under Par keeps your gear safe with KLIC-LOC

There are some golf inventions that make you simply shake your head and wonder ‘what took you so long?’.

I’m the first to admit I keep everything but the kitchen sink in my golf bag – everything I might need for a rainy day.

Under Par's Brett Clarebrough shows off the KLIC-LOC system Under Par’s Brett Clarebrough shows off the KLIC-LOC system

And it is forever catching me out by falling over, usually just when I am playing a shot from the side of a hill, with a dodgy lie.

Why? Because the weight of all the knick-knacks in the bag make it tip to one side and over she goes.

Now, thanks to the revolutionary KLIC-LOK bag and buggy locking system, the rock-and-roll bag rotation is a thing of the past.

Basically it secures the bag to the buggy so it doesn’t become lop-sided and then tumble over.

When the bag is properly secured to the golf buggy it stops everything from falling to one side, reduces clubhead contact and helps protect your clubheads as well as lessening the noise generated from your clubs making contact.

But, importantly, the removal of rotation maintains access to the front and side pockets of the golf bag.

The KLIC-LOK system fits almost every model of buggy and has been tested on at least 23 different models, including the traditional hire and free buggies provided by golf clubs, as well as Club Car and Yamaha Club carts.

Well-known Sydney golf company Under Par, also known as Eagles & Birdies, have invested significant research into improving their new Augusta, Royal Country Down and Magnetic Pro bag models to include the KLIC-LOK system in all their models.

The proof is in the pudding, it works.

For more information visit their website at www.underpar.com.au – or ask your pro shop to get in the game – and get KLIC-LOK in their pro-shop.