Nudgee fights floods with web cams

Brisbane’s Nudgee Golf Club may not be able to avert floodwaters from the course, but management has initiated a novel means of informing members when the course is adversely affected.

The club has installed three web video cameras overlooking the first, ninth and tenth holes and a vast area of the course in between. The cameras save golfers the drive to the club only to discover the course is waterlogged, or closed.

Nudgee Golf Club Webcam View – Nudgee Golf Club

And Nudgee believes it could be the first golf course in the region to install such cameras for the convenience of members and visitors.

“The golf course received so much rain and overflow from adjoining properties in the big wet of this year and last that the office and pro shop staff were kept busy answering phone inquiries from concerned members and social golfers,” Nudgee golf manager Peter Trudgian explained.

“Obviously in a city the size of Brisbane and with 36 holes on offer, we have members – and social players – from many surrounding suburbs wanting to play here and at these times it is absolutely impossible to answer all the calls.”

“On the other hand, we didn’t want golfers to hop in their cars, drive here and find the course was closed, or that buggies were not permitted on the course.”

“We thought the cameras were a novel idea, but a very practical alternative and a valued member service.”

The three web cameras, installed in December last year, are capable of downloading live video streaming to the Nudgee Golf Club website.

But, because live video streaming often becomes static and ineffective if six or more people are viewing it at the same time, a still image with a five-minute update has been made available.

“The cameras work very well alongside our important update notice, which we can update on our web site home page at any time,” Trudgian said.