Bentley celebrates 100 with commemorative golf clubs

In celebration of Bentley’s Centenary this month, a specially commissioned set of Bentley Golf clubs has been designed to commemorate this extraordinary occasion.

Limited to just 100 sets, the Centenary collection represents Bentley’s ability to combine technology with timeless craftsmanship and takes design inspiration from the New Bentley Continental GT.

Bentley’s Centenary Golf Clubs Bentley’s Centenary Golf Clubs

Details including distinctive diamond knurling adorns the club grips and the iconic haunch styling-line is prominently featured throughout the range.

Touches of Bentley’s Centenary Gold are tastefully used throughout the collection, mirroring the gold details that appear on every Bentley built during this very special year.

These details have been meticulously woven into the carbon fibre panels, creating an eye-catching feature that will be sure to make a statement on and off the golf course.

A combination of industry-leading materials including carbon-fibre, titanium and aluminium has been selected to create a set of truly unique, high performance clubs.

The bag and head covers are also made from industry-first, real carbon fibre panels containing the same Centenary Gold detailing as the clubs.

Whilst the contemporary design of the collection echoes the modern Bentley, other elements pay tribute to our heritage. Replicas of the unique wheel centre caps from the famous EXP Speed 8 winning Le Mans car decorate both the wood heads and grip end caps.

The cost? Well you knew it wasn’t going to be cheap. The Bentley Centenary Sets are priced at US$15,999 and are available to pre-oder now. Get in quick before they’re all gone.