Bloomberg releases surprising golf land use data

Maybe if US President Donald Trump, a self-confessed golf nut, had his way it might be more.

Yet US business and financial gurus Bloomberg have revealed that about two million acres (809,000 hectares) of land in the United States is used for golf courses.

Bloomberg releases surprising golf land use data Bloomberg releases surprising golf land use data

And just to put things into perspective, that’s larger than the state of Delaware and slightly smaller than Connecticut.

That startling stat was revealed when Bloomberg offered an in-depth look at how land was used throughout the United States.

Certainly when you look at the size of the US golf does leave a small but significant mark.

The largest amount of specific-use land is devoted to raising livestock and feed.

About 41 per cent of the land in the lower 48 states is being used for that purpose.

There are 654 million acres (265 million hectares) in the US is being used at pasture and another 127.4 million )52 million hectares) is devoted to growing and producing feed crops.

The USDA says the “miscellaneous” land used for items such as golf courses, cemeteries, marshes and deserts contains “low economic value.”

More than 50 times that amount – about 108.3 million acres (44 million hectares) – is set aside for parks and wilderness areas – such as National Parks, National Seashores and wilderness preserves.

On those sites, most commercial activities are prohibited.

Forests and timberland, meanwhile, cover about 25 per cent of the contiguous U.S.

The lower 48 states contain 1.9 billion acres of land which is broken down in six categories: pasture, forest, cropland, special use, urban and miscellaneous.