Figures show Aussie golf clubs are doing it tough

It might not hit you as you wander onto the first tee for your Saturday four-ball. Yet the facts are there – and your golf club might be in serious financial trouble.

Sure, it appears to be a worldwide trend that sees golf club struggling to make ends meet.

Golf Course Figures show Aussie golf clubs are doing it tough (Credit:

It’s just that it appears Australia’s 1600 golf clubs have been hit harder than most when it comes to the golf industry with figures showing more than one in two clubs are suffering some form of financial difficulty.

Still the parent body, Golf Australia is attempting to arrest the situation and has launched Club Support, a club knowledge and resource centre designed to prove the capability, financial performance and sustainability of all clubs and to ensure they thrive into the future.

How? Mostly through running some health checks and benchmarking.

According to Golf Australia director of golf development, Cameron Wade, clubs are facing a number of challenges where consumers are time-poor and have an increasing number of other recreational pursuit options.

“Therefore it is vital that we lead initiatives to assist clubs and provide opportunities for them to improve their business and adapt in a very competitive sporting market,” Wade said.

“The resources have been developed through harnessing the knowledge and expertise of the entire golf industry, which is very powerful.

“We are confident that the resources can provide real benefits to any golf club in Australia.”

GA’s chief executive Stephen Pitt said club health was a critical part of Golf Australia’s planning and also of our member states.

“For the good of Australian golf we need to help the clubs through the challenges that are confronting them,” he said.

“Whatever we can do in terms of governance and with the business of running golf clubs is very important.”