GA says OneGolf concept moving closer to reality

There was a time when such a move would have been unheard of.

The states working together to further the game? That might sound good but could it happen?

Golf Australia Golf Australia

According to Golf Australia chief executive Stephen Pitt, we are about to take a giant leap into the future with the launch of One Golf.

Governing bodies in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory have signed service agreements with Golf Australia that form the backbone of the new face of Australian golf.

And the parent body of golf in this country is hoping Golf NSW and Golf WA will soon join the party.

Pitt explained that the participating state and territory governing bodies that had come under the GA ‘umbrella’ would immediately benefit from the economies of scale created and would have greater resources to tackle the sport’s biggest grass-roots issues.

“This will deliver great efficiencies for Australian golf, allow us to maximise revenue and ultimately invest more back into growing the game,” said Pitt.

“It will create a more attractive system for our partners and I’ve no doubt we’ll grow our sponsorship revenue significantly in the future.”

“Most importantly, though, it will deliver an alignment and co-ordination between Golf Australia and the state and territory bodies that hasn’t previously existed.”

“This is the most critical thing for Australian golf – to have really strong, aligned decision-making processes that share a vision so we ensure we are working in harmony towards one goal, not many, as has historically been the case.”

“And we’re so appreciative of the approach of all the states we’ve worked with in terms of their care for Australian golf and their desire to see the structure become more streamlined and efficient.”

Pitt said they were in ongoing dialogue with Golf NSW and Golf WA about the desirability of them joining the One Golf structure.

“We hope that those bodies will, in due course, come on board so the One Golf benefits can work in their states, as well,” he said.

Pitt said the ultimate plan was to have One Golf operating in every jurisdiction in Australia and for golf to have the most efficient, streamlined and unified governance structure in Australian sport.