GMA launches new website

The GMA (Golf Management Australia) has launched a new and improved national website this week.

As previously announced to members, GMA recently entered a partnership agreement with MiClub to provide GMA, amongst other services, with an innovative and new National website.

Golf Management Australia Golf Management Australia

The new website will offer far more functionality, and member benefits including:

  • A National Members Directory where GMA members can search and access contact details of fellow GMA members Australia wide
  • A National employment and job listings section
  • A resource library with both State specific and National information
  • The ability for all State GMA members to directly access other State news and event information
  • Integrated information updating and maintenance

In addition, the website will feature an extensive preview and information/details on the upcoming GMA National Conference to be held at Melbourne’s Crown Promenade Conference Centre from Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th, October 2011.

The GMA National website will unify all GMA State Associations (and their respective websites) by acting as a central login destination for all members wishing to access their State website.

GMA members can access their State website by going to (the GMA National website), or by entering your current State domain web address (from which you will automatically be redirected to the GMA National website), and selecting the “GMA Members” tab and logging in.

Your current State website user name and password will log you into the National website from where you can navigate to any State Association website.

All GMA State Associations (and their respective Boards) have endorsed this united approach which will continue the positive momentum of GMA, and help to create a uniform and consistent branding of GMA and its members.