Golf Australia announces official handicap app

A year after the independently-developed “Handy Cap” app was shut down following unsuccessful negotiations with Golf Australia, the golfing body has announced a long-overdue official Australian handicap app.

The new mobile app, known as GA Handicap and available for iOS and Android, debuted to club members over the Easter break in a staged rollout, which GA hoped would ensure a smooth experience for all users.

GA Handicap GA Handicap Screens

And now with several small updates the app is ready for full-scale release.

“We’ve had hundreds of club administrators and members testing the App since the start of the year, so we knew it would be popular in all parts of the country. Those testing phases were critical for us in developing a product that aligns with the expectations of golfers and administrators, and we’re really pleased with the initial take-up and reaction,” said Golf Australia chief executive James Sutherland.

“But more broadly, the handicapping features are just the tip of the iceberg on where we need to take this to help to support clubs and facilities. Through our digital platforms, we have a terrific opportunity to attract new participants at all levels, especially younger people, and we’re continuing to explore the addition of various non-handicap features and services to assist us with that.”

“For golf to continue to thrive well into the future, we can’t just be focused on taking actions that benefit those of us who love our sport now. We have a responsibility as custodians of the game to invest heavily into inspiring the next generation.”

While it’s a welcome sight for Aussie golfers, the app looks like it has a long way to go to catch up to Brad Hohn’s “Handy Capp” app, which enjoyed a popular following through its well-designed interface and useful features.