Golf NSW launches Flood Relief fund

Golf NSW has announced the establishment of a relief fund to help enable the state’s golf clubs to get back on their feet following recent devastating downpours along the eastern seaboard.

The biblical floods have left many golf courses struggling to recover with many unable to afford the considerable cleanup expenses.

Stonecutters Ridge Stonecutters Ridge inundated by recent floodwaters (Credit: Stonecutters Ridge)

“It is humbling to hear of the efforts of so many staff and members in our family of clubs trying their hardest to protect vital assets without putting themselves or others at risk,” said CEO of Golf NSW, Stuart Fraser.

“Sadly, with the water now receding, the task of cleanup begins and with the doors of many places unable to be opened, the task becomes all the more difficult.”

The NSW Golf Foundation has sunk an initial $100,000 into the fund but Golf NSW is also asking unaffected clubs and individuals to help raise funds to assist others.

Donations can be made online via