Greener pastures await Mother Turf

A Queensland company is producing the world’s first Australian-made recycled synthetic grass.

Enduroturf, specialists in artificial grass surfaces, has just released a synthetic grass consisting of 25 per cent recycled material, sourced from recycled PET bottles.

Greener pastures await Mother Turf Greener pastures await Mother Turf

An average sized (45 square metres) residential installation of the recycled synthetic lawn, known as ‘Mother Turf’, contains 1125 PET bottles. It’s also a perfect product for commercial applications.

Enduroturf’s owner, Glen Hannon, said he hoped the arrival of this new product would help change the fact that only 23 per cent of PET bottles were recycled each year.

“The bottled water industry causes the release of 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, which is the same amount generated by 13,000 cars in one year,” Hannon said.

“While we acknowledge that artificial grass won’t create oxygen, what we can say is that it will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it doesn’t require machinery or water to maintain the grass; and unlike real grass clippings, it doesn’t release methane.”

Motherturf is free of lead and heavy metals, contains additional UV filters suited to Australian conditions, carries the Australian-made logo and comes with an eight-year manufacturers’ warranty.

Hannon said his synthetic grass products were designed for locations where real grass is either too difficult to maintain or isn’t an option and was ideal for golfing facilities in need of practice green facilities.

“Synthetic grass brings a lush, organic ambience to areas which in the past where either paved or concreted.”