Half a century for Gripped On guys

After a combined total of almost 50 years working in the business, three PGA golf professionals have taken over the Gripped on Golf outlets on the Sunshine Coast.

Anthony Edwards, Shane Healey and Scott Olander recently formed their own company and bought out the Gripped on Golf retail outlet in Maroochydore and the Pro Shop at Tewantin Noosa Golf Club.

Gripped On Golf Gripped On Golf

The former owner was well-known Sunshine Coast-based golf pro Mark Tickle and his wife Terri.

While the business will continue to operate under the Gripped on Golf name, the company has scored an imaginative moniker. ZRG Golf Pty Ltd has been derived from the nicknames of the three owners – Zim (Edwards), Red (Healey) and Gum (Olander).

“It is a dynamic sounding name, but isn’t the brand of any fancy new equipment I’m afraid – just our nicknames,” Shane Healey, who has lived on the Sunshine Coast for 31 years and worked and taught at Tewantin Noosa Golf Club since 1989, said.

According to Healey a number of components combined to convince the trio to go in to business as a team.

“Firstly, and most importantly, we have worked together for a long time and we know and understand each other’s work ethics and honesty,” he said.

“We felt it was the right time to venture out and start a business in the industry we all know and understand and, conversely, Mark was keen to try his hand at more regular tournament golf. Things fell nicely in to place for all concerned.”

While the sale of golf equipment is the primary focus of the Gripped on Golf business, ZRG Golf is keen to spread the message that five PGA professionals are available to advise, club-fit and teach.

Tickle, who recently turned 50 and is playing some tournaments on the Seniors Tour, is still working up to 30 hours at Tewantin Noosa where Andrew Egea has recently been appointed as the fulltime teaching pro.

Edwards, Healey and Olander are also qualified PGA professionals.

Egea joined Tewantin Noosa from the Wentworth Golf Club in Orange where he was club pro for 10 years, but recently relocated his family to the Sunshine Coast.

“Our motto is ‘professional service from professional golfers’, and we think that is extremely important when someone is buying golf equipment,” Healey said.

“We want to be regarded as the golf outlet on the Sunshine Coast run by the local pros. Between the three of us we have lived here for almost a century.

“Not only do we know the industry inside out, but we know the Sunshine Coast courses and understand the issues and conditions local golfers are likely to encounter.”