Move over cricket, golf is coming to Adelaide Oval

It’s just not cricket…as a matter of fact, it’s golf. And it’s taking place at Adelaide Oval, of all places.

In an amazing innovation and one that is certain to attract some new players to the game, Adelaide Oval is being turned into a custom-designed nine-hole ‘stadium’ golf course with a variety of tees as well as a nine-hole putting course, a clubhouse putting hole and there’s even a long-drive simulator to see just how far you really can hit it.

9-hole golf at Adelaide Oval 9-hole golf coming to Adelaide Oval

Of course it is only temporary so those wishing to book their games had probably get serious about booking fairly soon.

The Adelaide Oval course will only be ‘in play’ from October 29 until November 4 and it appears every hole will be 50-90 metres long with tees placed at various locations around this famous cricketing venue which is so revered by lovers of that sport world-wide.

It seems one of the tees will actually be on level five of the Riverbank Stand, another at the base of the famous Moreton Bay fig trees and even one on a purpose-built platform in front of the heritage scoreboard.

“We are very excited to be the first stadium in Australia to transform into a golf course,” said Adelaide Oval SMA General Manager Operations and Commercial Darren Chandler.

“It’s a concept that will allow keen golfers the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable golf experience in Adelaide Oval’s truly unique setting.”

Cost of the game will be around $119 per player and you can book a tee time of four people and a caddie with a shotgun start and taking two shots per hole to score points depending on how close you can get to the flag with each shot.

Players will not access the playing surface at any time and scoring will be based on distance from the pin.

Play will begin at 7am each day and continue throughout the day until the final tee off time of 8.30pm.

For more information and book yourself a game go to their website: