New videos and apps debut for 2019 Rules Of Golf

It’s less than two weeks until golf’s new rules come into play.

So it’s time to get serious and learn what you can and can’t do from January 1 after the R&A and the USGA have agreed on a raft of changes to speed up and improve the game.

Importantly, the actual rules of golf have changed from 34 to just 24 – which has to help in the long run.

And golf’s two governing bodies are making it as easy as they can for golfers all around the world to make the transition to the new game of golf.

They have launched the Rules of Golf 2019 app which is available for iOS and Android.

The app includes some simple explanations, diagrams and quizzes to get everyone into the ‘swing’ of things.

While you might not encounter some of the rule changes in the immediate future, there’s a fair chance you will, eventually, want to know them all.

While we urge you to look at the app to find out more, some of the changes which will immediately come into play in your weekly round of golf include:

No Penalty For Ball Moving On Putting Green

There will no longer be any penalty applied if your golf ball accidentally moves on the putting green – either by the actions of a player or natural causes.

Dropping The Ball From Knee Height

When taking free-relief, or a penalty drop, dropping the golf ball from shoulder height will be a thing of the past in 2019 (and dropping over the shoulder is long gone). From now on, you’ll be required to drop the golf ball from knee height, while standing.

Reduced Search Time

The time you are allowed to search for a ball has been reduced from five to three minutes.

Putting With The Flagstick In

Previously you’d get a penalty stroke if your ball hits the pin while putting. As of January 1, you can putt with the flagstick in safe in the knowledge that there will be no penalty if your ball hits it

Of course these are just a few examples and its worth logging into the R&A website if you prefer to be the rules ‘guru’ when any of these prospective instances occur.