Nissan debuts high-tech golf ball that can’t miss

OK, where do I get one? That’s the first thing that comes to mind after watching the quite comical commercial on the ProPilot golf ball manufactured by Japanese car maker Nissan.

Imagine how fast the game would be if you didn’t even need to line up the putt, you could just hit it and it would go on and find the hole, by itself.

Watch the video and you’ll see for yourself…you can’t miss, seriously.

The video shows a youngster, perhaps 30m from the hole and aiming well away from it.

He takes a relaxed swing with his putter and watches in satisfaction as the ball sets off on the perfect line, at the perfect speed – and it rolls, and it rolls and it goes in.

And if you think this sounds like cheating, well, actually, it is.

The ProPilot ball is really just a promotional gimmick for Nissan’s ProPilot Assist technology for its vehicles.

“It’s a hands-on driving assistant designed to help drivers during long highway trips and the stop and go traffic of your daily commute,” says Nissan.

“Today’s ProPilot Assist system is the product of years of research and development that continues to progress as we transition towards advanced driver assistance systems, incorporating fully autonomous technology.”

Check it out for yourself, there’s even a segment when the ball actually misses the hole, narrowly, checks up, has a quick think about it – seemingly – than backs up into the hole.

Now that’s one sure-fire way of not three (or four) putting every hole in your Saturday four-ball.