Norman wants to bring new technology to golf

In the age of high definition, hawk eye and goal line technology, sports everywhere are coming up with new and inventive ways to produce on-screen products capable of thriving in today’s cutting edge landscape.

And former world No. 1 Greg Norman, says it’s about time golf joined the party!

Greg Norman Greg Norman (Credit: Anthony Powter)

In an initiative to bring new technology to the golf industry, The Greg Norman Company has joined forces with Verizon, in the hopes of changing the way people play and view the sport.

The two-time British Open winner says the game has been slow to embrace technology, and could benefit from Verizon’s connectivity capabilities.

“The golf industry is struggling in many ways and we have a bold vision to make the game more cutting edge,” says the Great White Shark.

“Our primary focus is to provide the golfer with a better experience, introduce new people to the game and help golf grow.”

“Partnering with a powerhouse company like Verizon opens up a lot of opportunities through their connectivity platform.”

“I think that together, we can really help the industry with Verizon’s technology and our experience and knowledge of the game.”

The telecommunications giant has had incredible success helping businesses adapt to an ever-changing digital landscape, particularly in the wine industry, where their software has helped farmers manage their vineyards online.

Their IOT technology has improved the yield of grapes, as well as the quality of wine, which is a big indicator of possibilities from a golf course design perspective.

“When we build golf courses today, Toro does a fantastic job with their irrigation system,” said Norman.

“It’s all computerised with sensors everywhere and it’s great.”

“But let’s take it beyond the irrigation issue.”

“There are many other ways that we can save every golf course a percentage of their maintenance budget.”

“That’s my ultimate goal and we will be revealing all of our ideas in due course.”