NZ man dies after being struck by golf ball

The dangers of playing golf should never be under-estimated…or taken for granted.

That was never more evident than last week when a golfer tragically died in New Zealand after being struck on the temple by an errant golf shot in what could only be described as a freak accident.

Jaden Goldfinch-Booker Jaden Goldfinch-Booker

It was just a friendly game of golf that had the worst outcome when Jaden Goldfinch-Booker, just 27, was struck by a ball while playing a round of golf with friends.

Goldfinch-Booker was playing at Frankton Golf Course near Queenstown when the incident occurred near the second tee and, according to newspaper reports from New Zealand, he was rushed to hospital and placed in an induced coma in the ICU at Dunedin Hospital while doctors worked to control a brain bleed but they were unable to save him.

Detective Senior Sergeant Malcom Inglis explained that police were investigating the death on behalf of the Coroner.

“This is a shock and a tragedy for the family and friends of the man, and for those who were present at the time,” said Inglis.

“While the cause of death will be determined by the Coroner, we recognise the nature of the incident is not common and I personally have not overseen a case like this in my career.”

A GiveALittle page was set up to help Goldfinch-Booker’s family had raised more than $9,000 as this edition of Golf Grinder was published.

“He was playing a round of golf with some friends, they were on the second tee and Jaden was standing to the right of his mate when a golf ball struck Jaden in the temple,” the description read.