Oregon golf course training goats to be caddies

How could the likes of Steve Williams and Joe LaCava possibly be replaced by, wait for it, a goat.

That is, of course, if these two high-profile caddies ever arrived at Silvies Valley Ranch in Seneca, Oregon looking for work.

Goat Caddy Goat caddies at Silvies Valley Ranch in Oregon

Because the owners of the resort are training goats, yes goats, to be novelty caddies for anyone who comes to play their new seven-hole golf course.

I guess it could only happen in America.

The course is named McVeigh’s Gauntlet and the resort owner, Dr Scott Campbell, swears he is serious.

Goats, born and raised on the farm nearby are to be trained to carry clubs around after their players. They also carry the drinks, golf balls, tees and maybe even the scorecard.

“We’re taking the golf experience at Silvies Valley Ranch to a new level in 2018,” says Campbell.

“We’ve been developing an unprecedented caddie training program with our head caddie, Bruce LeGoat [they can’t be serious now, surely], to ensure that he and his team are ready for the opening of The Gauntlet this summer.”

“We’re truly redefining both goat and golf operations at the ranch.”

Campbell reasons it would be the only place, anywhere, that the caddies have been literally born, raised and educated on, or beside, the golf course.

And you won’t be able to blame them for any bad advice either.

The rumour is they’ll work for peanuts…or the very least, the sandwich in your golf bag.

That might even be up to keeping the crows from stealing your ball!