PGA debuts revolutionary Learning Centre

The PGA of Australia has launched the PGA Learning Centre, a golf coaching centre so advanced it is unmatched by any other in Australia.

Making the latest and most advanced golf coaching technology available to PGA Professionals and their clients, the PGA Learning Centre encompasses club fitting technology, sports science technique, playing practice programs and biomechanical technology with the aim of improving every golfer’s game.

PGA debuts revolutionary Learning Centre PGA debuts revolutionary Learning Centre

Based at the headquarters of the PGA of Australia at Sandhurst south-east of Melbourne, the PGA Learning Centre is years in the making under the guidance of the Centre Manager, PGA Member Stuart Leong.

“The coaching philosophy of the PGA Learning Centre is to combine multiple technologies that can clearly be seen by the student in real time,” said Leong. “This ‘see as you do’ concept is combined with fundamentally sound technical coaching. The end result is faster learning for the student.”

The advanced technology is delivered in the PGA Learning Centre by some of Australia’s top golf coaches including Leong, a former PGA Victorian Teacher of the Year, and Craig Spence, a former Australian Masters Champion.

“The idea is to combine the best technology and the best coaches to help clients of all ability levels improve their game and reach their highest potential, and hopefully enjoy the game more along the way,” Leong said.

The PGA Learning Centre has developed a ground breaking approach to golf coaching in Australia by linking technology and access to leading sports science and sports medical services to provide innovative systems and practices.

“This is an exciting development in golf coaching and I can’t wait for the PGA Learning Centre to be embraced by PGA Professionals to improve their game as well as their clients,” Leong added.

Among the first to experience the PGA Learning Centre were keen golfers from the Carlton Football Club, Andrew Carrazzo and Michael Jamison, who were joined by Melbourne Heart A-League players Simon Colosimo and Kristian Sarkies.

They picked up some handy tips from Leong and Spence which they quickly put into practice when they played twice that week at the Sandhurst club.

The PGA Learning Centre is now fully functional and open for bookings. Tuition packages can be broadly tailored to accommodate both individuals and groups. To arrange a session please contact Stuart Leong on (03) 8320 1963.

The PGA Learning Centre is located at The Sandhurst Club, home of the PGA of Australia, at 600 Thompson Rd, Sandhurst, Victoria.