PGA Tour bans Fantasy Golf for pros

Just about every sport has a “fantasy” league these days.

And youngsters the world over are captivated with picking their fantasy teams for football seasons as well as golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, you name it.

Tim Finchem PGA Tour boss Tim Finchem (Credit: Getty Images)

Now the world’s richest tour, the US PGA Tour has moved to bar any involvement in golf fantasy sports contests by any of its players.

While penalties for doing so have not been discussed, there is no doubt they would be quite severe as the Tour is keen to discourage any form of golf gambling by its players.

Simply put, the Tour doesn’t want players betting on themselves.

In a new policy the PGA released to its membership recently, players are prohibited from competing in any golf-related daily fantasy sports contests that have an entry fee and offer monetary payouts.

Interestingly, players are also prohibited from signing endorsement contracts with daily fantasy sports companies.

According to the executive vice president and chief of operations for the PGA Tour, Andy Pazder, any violations of this policy would fall under the guidelines of “conduct unbecoming a professional.”

Players are still allowed to compete in non-golf DFS contests.

As part of the PGA Tour’s long-standing policy, Pazder declined to discuss any potential penalties for violating this rule.

But at least one major DFS company, DraftKings currently runs a weekly golf contest that includes entry fees and payouts.