R&A announces its Women In Golf Charter plan

It’s been hailed as the single most important issue inhibiting growth in Australian golf.

And it’s all about making women and girls more welcome at golf courses around this country…no, make that the world.

R&A Women In Golf Charter R&A Women In Golf Charter

The Royal and Ancient have jumped on board too and last week unveiled its Women In Golf Charter to try and increase the number of women and girls taking part in golf and encourage more opportunities for women to work in the industry as well.

Golf Australia’s new national female participation manager Chyloe Kurdas was among those in London to launch an initiative aimed at inspiring an industry-wide commitment to develop a more inclusive culture in golf worldwide.

According to Golf Australia chief executive Stephen Pitt for too long we have watched as some of our programs, clubs and facilities became places at which female golfers, particularly prospective ones, didn’t feel welcome and encouraged.

“Vision 2025 is, critically, an industry-wide approach and we are investing all available resources into making it a success,” said Pitt.

Adoption of the Charter will also require national federations and other golf bodies to build on current initiatives and develop new projects that will focus on encouraging more women and girls to play golf and stay within the sport as members of clubs, while also empowering women to enjoy successful careers working within the golf industry.

The Women in Golf Charter specifically aims to:

  • Strengthen the focus on gender balance and provide a united position for the golf industry;
  • Commit national federations and organisations to support measures targeted at increasing participation of women, girls and families in golf;
  • Call on signatories to take positive action to support the recruitment, retention and progression of women working at all levels of the sport;
  • Set individual targets for national federations for participation and membership and annual reporting of progress;
  • Develop an inclusive environment for women and girls within golf.