R&A, USGA clarify club replacement rules

A crack in the clubhead or clubface is not quite enough to get away with replacing your club during a round of golf.

Yet the Royal and Ancient and the USGA have sought to give you a few other reasons you can change a club during your round.

R&A, USGA clarify club replacement rules R&A, USGA clarify club replacement rules

And unless it’s your own fault, such as breaking it in a temper tantrum or in frustration, then you may be able to pop across the carpark to the boot of your car and replace the broken one mid-round.

Under what is perceived a “local rule” a club is deemed “broken or significantly damaged” if it meets the following conditions:

  • The shaft breaks into pieces, splinters or is bent (but not when the shaft is only dented);
  • The clubface impact area is visibly deformed (but not when the club face is only scratched);
  • The clubhead is visibly and significantly deformed;
  • The clubhead is detached or loose from the shaft;
  • The grip is loose

Club committees have been advised they can begin using this Local Rule immediately.