R&A, USGA one step closer to worldwide handicaps

New golf rules have, by and large, been well accepted on most corners of the world.

Now the ruling golf bodies are ready to land the ‘big fish’ and introduce a new set of rules for handicapping…worldwide.

Ruling bodies set to introduce worldwide handicaps in 2020 Ruling bodies set to introduce worldwide handicaps in 2020

Despite the fact there are different games of golf played in some parts of the world, educating everyone to share a common set of rules for handicapping is set to be introduced in 2020.

Countries like Great Britain and Ireland, South Africa, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Continental Europe, Canada, Singapore, the Caribbean and the USA are being taught what it’s all about.

A website has also been launched to provide national associations with materials to help support their own education efforts.

The ultimate goal is to provide a more consistent measure of players’ ability between different regions of the world.

And to coinciding with this, the R&A and the USGA have just launched a social media video campaign to remind golfers of the eight key features of the new Rules of Handicapping and to reveal more details.

Many national associations around the world are busy ensuring their golf courses are rated in accordance with the Course Rating System and working to update local software platforms so that they are ready to apply the new Rules of Handicapping.

While many countries will be ready to transition to the WHS early in 2020, given both the magnitude of the change for some jurisdictions and varying seasonality throughout the world, it is anticipated that some will need more time.

The World Handicap System will unite the golf world under one single set of handicapping rules and will be governed by the USGA and the R&A, with support from the existing six handicap authorities.