Royal Melbourne takes the vaccine highroad

In a sign of things to come, and a decision sure to rankle the tin-foil hat brigade, Royal Melbourne has become one of the first clubs to announce its intention to require proof of vaccination to play the course.

According to a report in The Age, the exclusive course informed its 2000 members and staff of the changes and made it clear there would be zero tolerance of anti-vaxxers.

Royal Melbourne Golf Club Royal Melbourne Golf Club (Credit: Anthony Powter)

“A legitimate medical reason will not be: I am waiting for Pfizer; I could not get a vaccination appointment yet; I don’t trust the vaccines, the vaccines are a conspiracy to embed us with 5G network tracking devices etc,” wrote Club captain Andrew Kirby.

Kirby’s day job also happens to be as a commercial litigation barrister, so any issues surrounding the requirements should be met with a legal-sized brick wall.

The decision comes as both Victoria and New South Wales head towards a day when they will slowly be able to open up following long battles with the Delta variant.

Sure, some people are going to be upset. But judging by the rhetoric from the state leaders in recent weeks, this will be situation normal by Christmas rather than an isolated incident at an exclusive private club.

Perhaps boredom will finally get those that are on the fence about vaccinations, over the line.