Tour players speak out in Sports Illustrated poll

So you’re wondering why so many players have dropped out of golf at the Olympics?

Well they might not say it out loud, but almost three-quarters of players on the US PGA Tour would rather win the US PGA Championship than an Olympic gold medal…and it is regarded as the “fourth best” of the four major championships.

Adam Scott Australia’s Adam Scott tops the poll as the Tour’s all-round good guy (Credit: Anthony Powter)

That was just one of many staggering results revealed following a Sports Illustrated survey taken from more than 150 players across the three major US Tours – the PGA Tour, Seniors Tour and LPGA to get their views on a range of topics.

And, surprisingly, 71 per cent of the PGA Tour players would rather win the PGA and 62 per cent of them would rather win the fifth major – the TPC, than a gold medal.

And you’re wondering why so many will be missing in Rio?

And if you were to suggest Tiger Woods would never win again, you’d be in the minority, because 42 per cent of those surveyed on the US Tour said he would [win again] and only 27 per cent said he wouldn’t while on the Champions Tour 72 per cent reckoned Tiger would again be a winner.

The girls obviously disagree…64 per cent said Tiger would not win again and just 36 per cent thought he would.

When it comes to one of the players’ most passionate of topics, the Ryder Cup, then almost half (49 per cent) said Phil Mickelson would make a better captain than Tiger Woods, who only polled 44 per cent of the vote. Incidentally seven per cent said neither of them would make a ‘better’ captain.

And here’s one for you…two of the most popular players out there are obviously Adam Scott and Rickie Fowler – right?.

Well, 84 per cent of them would choose ‘Scotty’ over Fowler (11 per cent) and five per cent wouldn’t pick either of them.

And if you are wondering what aspect of their golf game worries most players – in other words would they rather drive the ball like Dustin Johnson or putt like Jordan Spieth?

A staggering 75 per cent said they would rather putt like Spieth than drive it like ‘DJ’.

Of course all these answers were anonymous…and besides I’d love to drive it like Dustin Johnson…he must win a major one day.