US golf magazine looks at alcohol vs your golf game

If we knew when to stop…how to find that ‘happy medium’, well, the world – and certainly the golf course, might be a better place.

Drinking alcohol, I mean.

And if you’re playing golf as well as drinking booze, there just has to be a time, and it may be very brief, when you actually are in the ‘go’ zone.

A US magazine has been testing low, middle and high handicappers to see how their golf would go as they drank.

And as they point out, maybe one or two drinks would probably do no harm and may even enhance your prospects as you became more confident and tell yourself you were going out to “pound” it – and you probably did too.

But rack up a few more beers and concentration becomes a major hurdle.

Have a few more after that and, let’s face it, you no longer really care how (or where) you hit it, because suddenly it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

It seems for centuries golfers have sought the ‘Holy Grail’ of playing golf and drinking.

The prevailing notion is that one or two drinks serve as proper ‘swing oil’, loosening the muscles and easing any first-tee jitters.

Others would argue that three-to-four drinks would do the trick…and some say more.

One thing they did find, after three beers the whole exercise didn’t seem quite that important.

For the record, the test involved three golfers—a low, mid and high handicap—hitting six drives, six approach shots and six putts, and tracking the results of each performance.

To find a baseline, they did do the exercise while sober too.

And just to prove what alcohol does do to your confidence, one of the players was asked what he thought of his performance as the drink began to take hold.

He said he felt like he had added about five yards of carry to his shots.

A closer look revealed he had actually lost distance.

Now that’s the kind of confidence we could all use on the golf course.