Allenby embroiled in self-made caddy scandal

It has sure been a year that Robert Allenby will want to bury at the bottom of his golf bag…even if he can’t find someone to carry it.

The unsavoury incident with his caddy at the Canadian Open was just about the icing on the cake for Allenby.

Robert Allenby Robert Allenby (Credit:

He’s not long over that brutal bashing in Hawaii before he claims a disagreement with his caddy also involved the odd threat or two before fellow Aussie Mick Middlemo dumped his bag and walked off during the first round of the event that was eventually won by another Aussie in Jason Day.

Allenby shot 81 and withdrew from the event, clearly upset and rattled by what had occurred.

And it all started because he dunked a ball in the water when he had intended to hit a seven-iron into the fourth green and Middlemo suggested he’d be better off with an eight-iron.

After splashing it into the water and taking a triple-bogey on the hole, the fireworks really started.

While it seems both men were at fault during the temper tantrums from both parties that followed, shortly afterwards Middlemo hung his caddy’s bib on Allenby’s bag, cleared his own things out of the tour bag and left Allenby to it for his second nine of the first round.

While Allenby allegedly said Middlemo wouldn’t get another job as a caddy – anywhere, other players have already expressed an interest in hiring him.

And as Middlemo himself suggested: “I’m not the first [to quit]. It’s not an elite club. Plenty of us have done it.”

Allenby has certainly endured a horror year and has made just seven of 21 cuts and banked a mere $265,000….pocket change for a veteran of the US PGA Tour.

The Victorian, who has won four times in the US and 13 times on the Australasian Tour, is now in danger of losing his exempt status, meaning he would need to rely on the second of two career money exemptions to continue playing on the PGA Tour next year.

But he may have to go looking for a caddy first.