Big-hitting Bowditch to undergo back surgery

Popular Queenslander Steve Bowditch, once regarded as one of the biggest hitters in the game, is heading for back surgery.

After enduring searing back pains for much of the past two years, the two-time PGA winner may at last find some relief after booking in for back fusion surgery.

Steven Bowditch Steven Bowditch with the 2015 Byron Nelson trophy (Credit: Getty Images)

Bowditch struggled to find form, missing 25 of 27 cuts in the 2016-2017 season before missing every cut in the 2017-18 season as he fought constant pain.

While he won many fans and friends with his good humour, Bowditch was almost relieved when it was finally discovered he had two small stress fractures and spinal slippage with a diagnosis of Pars defect and Spondylolysis.

“Over the last year, the pain has become a constant in my everyday activity with no relief,” the 25-year-old revealed on Twitter.

“I had exhausted everything I could think of to diagnose the source of my pain…several MRIs, multiple injections, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and massage.”

Bowditch went on to explain that his proposed treatment would involve a surgical fusion of the L5 and S1 next month.

“Fingers crossed, I will once again sit and sleep without any lower back pain…and ultimately be able to return to golf activity in late 2019,” he said.

Bowditch said he had spent most of the past two years dealing with the lower back pain, leg numbness, sciatic pain, loss of control of his right side and tingling in his toes.

“I had exhausted everything I could think of to work out the source of my pain,” he said.

“It would appear to calm down and then flair right back up as soon as I resumed golf activity.”

“I am so grateful to find a doctor who suggested we try something different.”

After watching the spinal fusion working so well for Tiger Woods, the golf world, and particularly Australian golf, will be praying Bowditch can get back to the form which saw him win the 2015 Byron Nelson, 2014 Texas Open and briefly hit the lead at the 2015 British Open at St Andrews.