Brett Drewitt in near-fatal car crash

Brett Drewitt is lucky to be alive after a near fatal car accident west of Gloucester this week.

Drewitt was driving along Thunderbolts Way, 60 km from Gloucester when a vehicle, driven by European tourists driving on the wrong side of the road, collided with his car.

Brett Drewitt Brett Drewitt (Credit: Anthony Powter)

Escaping with only bruising from his seatbelt, Drewitt, was counting his lucky stars this week as final tests reveal no damage to his back or wrists.

“I’ve got the all-clear and will be right to compete at the Asian Amateur in a few weeks,” said Drewitt.

“I was on my way from Inverell and all the sudden this car was on the wrong side of the road. I had no chance to miss it as there’s a cliff face on the side of the road – so we just hit it head on.”

Drewitt had returned to his home at Inverell from Brisbane after finishing 3rd at the Keperra Bowl and was making his way back to Sydney when the accident occurred.

“I saw my whole life flash in front of me,” said Drewitt, a twice winner in Australia with the 2011 Golf SA Amateur Classic and the 2012 NSW Amateur.

“It brings a new definition to life and makes you think that missing a putt at a critical stage of an event is nothing in perspective.”