Bubba hires mental coach to help with daily life

Bubba Watson refers to it as ‘junk’ and he has a lot more of it than he had 20 years ago, that’s for sure.

The two-time US Masters champion has revealed that he has called in a mental coach to help him with the extra baggage that he now seems to carry as a part of his everyday life as one of the high-profile pros on the US PGA Tour.

Bubba Watson Bubba Watson (Credit: PGA Tour)

Now 40 and a 12-time winner on tour, Bubba has revealed that is was the ‘off-course’ issues as much as anything that brought about hiring a coach so that he could handle the issues on the course when he did play.

“I’ve got more junk going on in my life,” Watson told US Golf Digest.

“[There’s] car dealership, a baseball team, an apartment complex, a candy shop, a driving range, office buildings.”

“I’ve got to make sure my RV gets to tournaments; I’ve got to make sure my kids are doing the right things at school.”

“[I’ve] got a beautiful wife that I’ve got to make happy. There’s just a lot more stuff going on.”

Watson went on to explain that although his mental coach had helped, the goal wasn’t simply so that he could play better golf but live a better life.

“I’d get rid of my wins in a heartbeat,” Watson said.

“I’d work at a golf shop in a heartbeat if I had to take care of my family and everything.”

“It’s good junk, but it’s a lot more junk than I had 20 years ago.”

“Over the last 10 years, my life has changed. Your name is out there, you see people write bad things about you, true or not.”

“I don’t watch TV, the news, I don’t watch golf because I don’t want any more negativity in my life.”

“If you say I’m a golfer, you’re limiting who you are as a person.”

“People think because I play golf for a living life is perfect but I know how hard my life can be sometimes.”

“Life doesn’t stop just because you’re inside those ropes.”