Creamer calls for Women’s Masters at Augusta

Is the game ready for it?

Top woman professional, American Paula Creamer, who won the US Women’s Open in 2010, says, yes, definitely.

Paula Creamer HSBC Women’s Champions winner Paula Creamer

We’re not talking about the women competing at the US Masters either…no, we’re talking about them having a Masters of their very own!

Creamer says the game is ready for it – and she’d love to play in a women’s Masters at Augusta.

And she believes if the Augusta club is serious about growing the game of golf, then it should consider introducing a Masters for the girls.

And no doubt it would have major status in no time flat.

“I’ve been there, I’ve played there and I’ve stayed in Butler’s Cabin,” said Creamer.

“I had an awesome time. I think the patrons and everybody would love to have two weeks there, two tournaments.”

“Why wouldn’t you? Hopefully, we will see something change and happen.”

But don’t hold your breath Paula. The wheels of change don’t move that quickly at Augusta National.

Augusta National Golf Club chairman Billy Payne has said he doesn’t envision a women’s Masters, at this stage.

“We have a very short member season at Augusta National. It’s only seven months,” Payne said. “The time that we dedicate to the preparation and conduct of the tournament is already extensive.”

“I don’t think that we would ever host another tournament.”

Creamer is prepared to keep the pot boiling though.

“There’s no reason why you can’t revisit things,” she said.

“I think somebody’s got to speak up and somebody’s got to say something.”

“It’s an idea, I don’t think that people should be ashamed to talk about it.”

“I’d like to know truthfully why we wouldn’t be able to have a tournament there.”

“Definitely women’s golf deserves something like that.”